Intersections of Luxembourgish-Russian History

Seminar for Bachelor and Master students of the University of Luxembourg and the Derzhavin University of Tambow. This international and interdisciplinary project is a collabration between the University of Luxembourg and the Derzhavin University of Tambow. The project is dedicated to the everyday life of war, which will be made perceptible through the digitization of historical objects from the Second World War in both countries. Each object opens up a specific perspective on the history of the conflict. Often the fate of a certain person and his or her struggle for survival in the war are hidden behind an object. At times, intersections of Russian and Luxemburgish history open up. The original concept was aimed at the cooperation of Luxembourgish and Russian students, who had to select an object in binomials, examine its materiality and use in a historical context and, if possible, research its personal meaning for its owner or collector. As planned initially, selected objects are to be made virtually accessible on a website using 3D scans or photographs. Because of COVID-19, the project had to be redesigned and is currently being carried out in both countries in parallel instead of in binomials together. The seminar in the summer semester 2020 is aimed at Bachelor and Master students.
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